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All About Canada Visitor Visa

Are you planning to visit Canada? In such a case, one of the major requisites will be a Canada Visitor Visa.

Within the group of Temporary Resident Visa is a Visitor Visa Canada which allows people to visit Canada for less than six months. The Canada Visitor Visa is a temporary resident Visa for Canada which allows the holder to go to Canada for either a holiday or to visit family or relatives.

A Canada Visitor Visa allows you to enter the country for a specific period of time.

Requirements for Canada Visitor Visa

There are certain requirements for a Canada Visitor Visa. These are as follows:-

  • Canada visitor visa application form.
  • Must have a valid passport issued by the government. Such passports must have at least one blank page which is not the last page.
  • All the essential documents should be in either English or French. If not, then get those translated into either English or French.
  • The documents should be signed and properly dated wherever essential.
  • A Visa Application Center (VAC) consent form should be filled and signed.
  • Proof of funds ( bank or other financial statements) is required to confirm that you have enough funds for staying in Canada.
  • A copy of current immigration status in another country or Canada.
  • Biometric information
  • The medical examination report, if required.
  • Proof of a temporary stay and that you are not planning to work or study in Canada.
  • A declaration letter to the government of Canada where you have state why they should give a Canada visitor visa.
  • A travel itinerary or a description of your Canada visit purpose.
  • If you are visiting your family, you need to present the proof of relationship.
  • Immigration status of the family or relative you are visiting.
  • Proof that your stay in Canada is temporary.
  • Your photographs
  • Visa Application fees
  • Visa processing fees

If you are unable to fulfill the above stated eligibility criteria your application might be rejected stating that you are inadmissible in Canada.

How to apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa?

In order to apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa one needs to follow the given steps.

  • Get a Canadian Visitor Visa Application form.
  • Confirm that you are eligible for a Canadian visitor visa.
  • Complete the form with essential documents.
  • Submit the form along with the application fees.
  • Respond to additional requests for information.
  • After processing, send the passport for stamping.

Canada Visitor Visa Processing time

It takes around 8 to 40 days for processing the application for Canada Visitor Visa. The processing time varies from country to country.

Canada Visitor Visa Fees

The applicants need to pay

  • Basic Canada visitor fees
  • Biometric fees
  • Passport processing fees

Limitations of a Canada Visitor Visa

  • You can travel around Canada for less than 6 months.
  • You can’t work or study with Canada visitor visa.
  • You are not allowed to get Canadian PR with Canada Visitor Visa.
  • You will not be allowed to go for Canada governmental benefits.

Are dependents allowed with Canada Visitor Visa

Given below is a list of people allowed with your Canada visitor visa:-

  • Your spouse
  • Your minor children

However, a separate application form and application fees needs to be submitted for each of your dependents accompanying you to Canada.

In order to get the visa processed as a family, you need to submit the application together at the visa application center.